The Simple Pleasures of Backyard Birding

Some days are quiet in the backyard with only the regular backyard birds doing unremarkable backyard bird things. If I pay attention, though, there are moments worth capturing.

Like this lone Inca Dove sitting on the patio near a puddle after some rain. I thought it might be injured because it let me get so close, but in the end it went on its way.

Inca Dove

Or the ubiquitous Rock Doves, aka common pigeons, under the feeders. The feeders have a guard around them so the pigeons can’t get on them. They have to wait for the small songbirds to come and scatter the seeds they don’t want. Sometimes, though, there’s a squabble on the ground.

Pigeon battle

And then there’s The Big Guy — our resident Cooper’s Hawk. Even the predators need a drink and a bath from time to time. With ten water stations in the yard he has several to choose from, but these two under the lemon tree seem to be his preferred watering holes.

Cooper’s Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk taking a bath. Can a guy get some privacy, please?

The simple pleasures of backyard birding are always available. I just have to take the time to pay attention.

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