Describing myself has always been a challenge because, like you (yes, YOU!), I cannot be put in a box. I’ve worked as an ASL Interpreter for 25 years — a career that’s afforded me the opportunity to learn about things that otherwise would not have crossed my path. For that I am eternally grateful. I also study voice acting and am actively working to build a voice over career. I love writing, photographing birds, traveling, improving my Spanish skills, and meeting people who have something novel to say.  I am always on the lookout to learn something new — anything at all. The more random, the better.

The Perry Page is a place where I can take a walk with some of those random topics that catch my attention. Narrowing things down has never been my strong suit so it’s likely not going to happen here, either. Topics might include something as simple as my cats or the backyard birds I photograph. Or it may veer to weightier thoughts on mental health, relationships, and social and disability justice. I am inclined to “pick up all the rocks” and see what I find underneath in the muck as I stay there and poke around a while. That’s how I approach life. Sometimes it gets messy, but it’s what makes me tick.